Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will the tournament be exclusive to PS4 only?

Tournaments at the The Pint will be PS4. However, we do have events with Microsoft in which we use Xbox One’s.

2. How many games am I guaranteed to play?

You will play at least 3 group games Рguaranteed. If you reach the final, you will play  7 games.

3. How will the tournament be run?

You will be randomly placed into one of 8 groups of 4 players.  Everybody in the group will play each other once. The top two from each group will then advance onto single elimination until our Man of the Match is victorious.

4. What will I need to bring to the event?

We will supply the consoles and controllers. All we suggest you bring is your photograph ID to prove you are over 19. We also ask that you leave your FIFA/NHL rage at home!

5. Will you be accepting cash on the door?

We do sell out all of our events, so we will not be planning to take registrations at the event itself. Do your best to sign up early to avoid missing out on our events. If there are spaces available then it will be first come first serve.

6. If I think I will be late and notify you, can you hold my game?

No. Due to time constraints, the tournament itself will be ran on a tight schedule. If you are late it will result in your scheduled game becoming a forfeit.

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